If the above applet does not load, there are two more ways of running EmailFinder. Try the Java Web Start EmailFinder. Or, download the standalone EmailFinder jar. Then, open a Command Prompt and type java -jar EmailFinder.jar from the directory where EmailFinder.jar is present. The source code for EmailFinder is here.


Enter the URL's you want to search, one URL on each line into the URL Text Box. Please terminate the URL's with a slash, unless the URL is that of a specific file.

Enter the email keywords you want to select the emails with, into the Email Keywords Text Box, one on each line. Only the emails that contain the email keywords you specify will be returned. Leave this Text Box blank if you want to return all emails found.

Enter the Text keywords you want to select the hyperlinks with, into the Text Keywords Text Box, one on each line. This applies only to the first page of the website. only hyperlinks containing any of the text keywords will be looked at. for example, if the text keywords box contains only the 'info' text keyword, only hyperlinks like 'Corporate Information', 'Investor Information' will be looked at. Leave this Text Box blank to enter all web pages.

You can reset the URL, Text Keywords and Email Keywords Text Boxes to their default values by pressing the Reset button.

All the emails that have been found so far will be listed, one on a line in the Emails Found List Box. Double-clicking on a List Item will bring up your browser's email window, if it has one. You must have set your browser's email properties to be able to email to the List Item.

The Hyperlinks Visited List Box will show each web page that is being visited.

Problems, Bugs, etc.

EmailFinder sometimes works only once per session. The web browser has to be quit and then restarted to make it work again.

Various problems intrinsic to the search process itself exist. For instance, if a link 'Career' on the company's web page is very conspicuous to the human eye and yet EmailFinder does not find it, it is because the link might be a graphic. This is the most frequent cause of missed pages, as only text hyperlinks are searched.